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Zülau is not your regular manufacturing company. At Zülau we deliver professional solutions to your every need, as we have done for more than 50 years. We put out fires worldwide. Not by hose and water, but through ingenuity, innovation and experti se. No matter if you face a familiar problem, or if it is one of a kind, our skilled and experienced engineers will work tirelessly to find and build the optimal solution.
We deliver worldwide support to the oil- and gas industry as well as to geothermic power plants.

We are well aware that unexpected downtime is a costly affaire in any production. That is why we take pride in being the leading company in the market for support and maintenance of heavy machinery both on- and offshore, as to make sure your producti on will never go offline.

Our home turf is the North Sea, where we have acted as one of the main partners for maintenance of oil- and gas plants for decades, but we have created solutions in every imaginable environment.
We know how to work under stressful conditions, and have the manpower and experti se to deliver solutions to every problem, whether your company is working in a Canadian mine, near an Icelandic geyser or at an offshore oil rig or wind park.

We are experts in all known bearing systems as well as machinery lubricati on. It has become one of our main goals to off er life extension to every conceivable piece of machinery.

Because of the synergy between the different departments in our in-house producti on team, we are able to assist internati onal companies with their machinery every step of the way. From developing and manufacturing prototypes to ultimately installing and maintaining them.

Besides our own creations, we are a proud reseller of some of the world’s most renowned brands such as SKF, Dormer Pramet, ActSafe, Master Lock, Helly Hansen and Tengtools.

If you are searching for solutions than can lower your cost benefit, or if you just want smarter and brighter solutions, Zülau could be your best choice ever.

Call us and hear about your new and better possibilities today.

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