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We generate solutions and provides for value-added cooperate
Our business philosophy is based on years of experience and knowledge, combined with a high degree of flexibility and a high degree of emphasis on quality and delivery at competitive prices.

We aim to be a system supplier
Many customers are now more interested in buying ready-made solutions. ZÜLAU is itself a total supplier of all types of turnkey solutions, which include shopping, bending, welding, cutting, turn / rout, assembly, tenant / transmissions. To the tasks we outsource; we have a close cooperation with our subcontractor; to insure these subcontractors meet our high quality standards.

We have our own production
ZÜLAU have their own R/D department working with 3D CAD drawings. Main competences and skills lay within lifting equipment and developments in tech branch.

We are technical sparring partner
our many years of experience in metal production means that we would dare take on difficult and complex tasks in which we can act as technical sparring partner from start to finish in product development processes.

We manufacture prototypes
Drawings may not always show the finished product's ease of use, performance and functionality. Therefore, a machined or hand-made prototype; make it possible to optimize the product and reduce the total development time.

We have a large degree of flexibility
Flexibility is one of the company's core values. The implemented in such a way, we are available on the company in what we call the 24/7- 365 if one of our customers has a problem/challenge that we can help to solve. We have most known materials on stock. We can handle a wide range of processes. We are always adaptable.

We have our own trading Department
We proudly claim we lead a diverse range to the industry with the best brands in tools, bearings, transmissions, clothing and safety equipment (PPE) 

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